Company Name: Universal Assistance

Headquarters: Buenos Aires - Argentina

Network Member Since: 2002


Other Countries Covered:

Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Peru, Uruguay




About Universal Assistance

With almost 30 years of experience in integrated travellers assistance, Universal Assistance provides services to more that 10 million people annually all over the continent. At Universal Assistance, they think assistance.
Universal Assistance is a regional player in South America and they have operational branches in every country of the continent.
With its continuously growth, Universal Assistance became the reliable partner of many international companies to assist their clients in the medical and travel assistance field.
Universal Assistance has the biggest and most performing network of medical service providers in South America.. Their alert centre has a multilingual professional staff operating 24/7 and is steered by  a doctor and a paramedic.
 The 30 years of experience in handling assistance cases has learned the staff to face all kinds of situations with maximum flexibility resulting in the highest customer satisfaction in the region. Operators at Universal Assistance will respond to the customers needs in a fast, solution driven and professional manner whilst ensuring that the terms of the policy are followed.
Universal Assistance is ISO 9001:2008 certified.

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