Company Name: ASISTUR

Headquarters: Havana-Cuba

Network Member Since: 2003


Other Countries Covered:







ASISTUR is the assistance company per share of Grupo CAUDAL engaged in the insurance and financial field.

ASISTUR has an excellent network of medical service providers and is providing assistance for tourists and business travelers visiting Cuba. Their alert centre has a multilingual professional medical staff including a doctor and a paramedic operating 24/7.

The daily experience of handling emergencies has taught the staff to face all kinds of situations with maximum flexibility. The committed and experienced staff is always on hand to respond to the customers needs in a quick, effective and professional manner whilst ensuring that the terms of the policy are followed.

The company acts as correspondent of the most important
international assistance and insurance companies from all over the world.

ASISTUR acts as insurance broker offering different insurance covers tailored by the main Cuban insurance companies.

ASISTUR  is the market leader in  its field and has the largest expertise and knowledge of medical assistance in Cuba.

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