Company Name: SOS International-Global Medical Support

Headquarters: Copenhagen-Denmark

Network Member Since: 2003


Other Countries Covered:

Denmark, Faroe Islands, Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Svalbard & Jan Mayen Islands




About SOS International-Global Medical Support

Global Medical Support sprung out of the membership organization Norwegian Air Ambulance (NLA), which was founded in 1977.  Since 1980, the company has been operating a 24/7 medical response center and worldwide air ambulance services.  In 2008, Global Medical Support was acquired by SOS International and became part of this major Nordic assistance corporation’s services. 


SOS Int’l was founded in 1961 as a motor assistance company in Denmark. Today SOS offers international travel support and medical assistance and transport, with operations located across the Nordics in Copenhagen, Helsinki, Stockholm and Oslo.


The medical branch of SOS International (Global Medical Support) specialises in providing medical assistance worldwide, and has clients in the following industries:  insurance, offshore and maritime companies, hospitals and government/ public offices in the Nordic region.


SOS/ GMS is the natural choice for international alarm centers and insurance companies requiring local first-hand medical advice 24/7, as well as help in coordinating medical attention and treatment of its customers travelling in the Nordic region.  Their local expertise, extensive network of specialists and international experience ensure professional and efficient on-site assistance for all of your clients.

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