Company Name: RACE

Headquarters: Madrid-Spain

Network Member Since: 1991


Other Countries Covered:





About RACE


The Royal Automobile Club of Spain (RACE) was founded in 1903 and is one of ARC Europe’s shareholders. On the 15th of June in 1966 RACE was formally declared a Public Utility Organization.

Since its founding, the Royal Automobile Club of Spain (RACE) has been a non-profit organization providing integrated assistance in Spain and abroad.

For many years, RACE’s Medical & Travel Assistance Department has performed an important task. It is a reputable organization with the most prominent distinctions of quality, and more importantly, it has been rewarded with the recognition of the Spanish public.

For the professional staff providing this important service, the aim is always to immediately resolve the situation that is causing anguish to the person and/or family on the other side of the line.  To maintain the standards of quality and warranty that the Medical & Travel  Assistance service offers,  its department must execute quickly, effectively and cost efficiently.

RACE’s Medical & Travel Assistance staff offers a multilingual assistance and is well prepared to assist your customers in a time of crisis and to handle any situation that arises with the highest level of commitment to the needs and welfare of the client.
It does not matter where, when or how a problem arises,  RACE will always act immediately in order to achieve the customer’s satisfaction whilst ensuring that the terms of the policy are followed.

"Therefore, with our professional and efficient team on their side, your customers should not  worry to undertake any type of trip in Spain : RACE’s Medical & Travel Assistance is always at their service."


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