Company Name: Rumanian Interntional Assistance24

Headquarters: Bucharest-Romania

Network Member Since: 2010


Other Countries Covered:





About Rumanian Interntional Assistance24


Rumanian International Assistance is a Romanian-Belgian joint venture specialized in  medical and legal assistance provided to foreign citizens insured in their native country. In a field that is little by little taking flight in Romania, RIA has got more than 15 years of experience, period in which it continuously proved the efficiency and the high quality of its services.

Our company’s unequalled experience of managing emergency situations in real time is the undeniable proof that we are particularly well-prepared for responding to the new expectations of our clients.
Our 24 hours a day mission is to always be present at the moment when you most need it.
Our highly professional employees know that our company is all about helping people and that is the reason for which they combine their operational capabilities with a lot of human understanding in order to be able to deliver the best solution according to your situation.


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