Company Name: ANWB-The Netherlands

Headquarters: The Hague- Netherlands

Network Member Since: 1991


Other Countries Covered:





About ANWB-The Netherlands


The Royal Dutch Touring Club ANWB is the automobile club of  the Netherlands and is a shareholder of ARC Europe. ANWB offers a wide range of services related to medical, travel  and repatriation assistance and has almost 60 years of experience in this field.


The ANWB Alert Centre has a long tradition of defending its clients interests as well as providing high-quality services. The staff consists of highly trained medical operators and in house doctors. ANWB is the Dutch market leader in medical and travel assistance.  40% of the healthcare insurers and 45% of the travel insurers are having their customers assisted by ANWB.

In 1995  ANWB created the ANWB Medical Air Assistance company.  Nowadays 6 helicopters are covering the entire Netherlands for the transport of trauma patients and medical mobile teams. Next to this core task the helicopters are also used for transport of transplantation organs, for short medical urgent repatriations and as a medical support for mass events. In 2009 the ANWB Medical Air Assistance made 4119 interventions.


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