Company Name: TCB

Headquarters: Brussles-Belgium

Network Member Since: 1991


Other Countries Covered:

Belgium, France




About TCB


The Royal Touring Club of Belgium (TCB) is the automobile club of  Belgium and shareholder of ARC Europe.  With almost 1 million clients, they are the market leader in all assistance fields of their country.  TCB is the premier provider for medical and travel assistance in Belgium, Luxembourg and France.


The medical department, created in 1972, is staffed with 12 medical operators and five doctors and is available 24/7. Nowadays TCB handles about 5000 medical files and organizes about 2120 repatriations a year.  TCB can lessen the trauma and stress of these situations because of a very experienced  and competent staff. 
As 50% of its assistance cases are occurring in France, TCB has an extreme high knowledge of the medical infrastructure in this country.  With almost 40 years of experience, TCB is the best partner to guide and assist you in France.
TCB has always been an innovator in the assistance field.  One of their projects is the BELGIUM-HF, which stands for Better Efficiency in Lowering Events by General practitioner's Intervention Using remote Monitoring in Heart Failure. It aims to cut back the re-hospitalization rate through an innovative monitoring system for HF patients, with the assistance of general practitioners. The combination of general practitioners and telemedicine makes this a unique, ambitious clinical trial from both the Belgium and the European perspectives.
TCB gives you a one-stop service encompassing every need of the patient whilst ensuring that the terms of the policy are followed
TCB provides peace of mind to you and your clients. They deliver services to tour operators as well as insurance companies and car manufacturers

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