Company Name: EMA

Headquarters: Vantaa-Finland

Network Member Since: 2004


Other Countries Covered:

Estonia, Finland, Latvia




About EMA


The company is founded as MedFlight Finland Ltd., a subsidiary of Med Group Ltd. since 2007, was established in 1995. It is actively managed and directed by medical doctors.  In 2016 it was affiliated with EMA and the company name has changed to EMA.

Our mission is to maintain and protect health in critical life situations”

MedFlight (EMA), together with its parent company Med Group is a leading provider with 15 years of experience in both air ambulance patient evacuations from all over the world as well as ground ambulance transports in Finland and the Baltic countries..  In addition, MedFlight has access to specialists and consultants from all medical specialty fields.
Currently they service approximately 1200 cases yearly. Cases range from advice-giving to emergency intensive care medical evacuations by air ambulance.  

MedFlight (EMA),  Finland is bound to safety and quality in their services. To the customers this means personal service and individually planned transfer and treatment, taking into account the patient’s safety, the requirements brought by the patient’s condition, as well as cost efficiency.
Their comprehensive partnership network guarantees smooth handling of all patient matters.


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