Company Name: ACI Global

Headquarters: Milano-Italy

Network Member Since: 1991


Other Countries Covered:





About ACI Global


ACI Global is the Italian Automobile Club and one of ARC Europe’s shareholders. Throughout a history of more than 100 years it has always been an innovative and dynamic company, using the most advanced infrastructures and high-tech tools in order to give a first class assistance to its customers.

 ACI Global is the absolute Italian market leader in the assistance business. In the medical and travel field ACI Global plays a continuous and essential leading role when it comes to the improvement of medical infrastructure and transport.  Their network can rely, at any time, on a 1.000 medical doctors and medical centres and on more than 500 ambulance companies. Their staff, know-how, means and equipments are the most sophisticated, thus allowing to guarantee the highest quality standard and safety levels during medical transport.

Many private companies choose to rely on ACI Global Medical Team as best outsourced solution to insure their employees based abroad or intensively travelling.

The ACI Global Medical Team is also the medical partner of main sport events such as the WRC Rally of Italy and Sardinia and the American Cup.

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