Company Name: SOS Hungary

Headquarters: Budapest-Hungary

Network Member Since: 2005


Other Countries Covered:





About SOS Hungary


SOS Hungary Medical Service is a fully licensed medical provider in Hungary, with all the necessary certifications and professional insurance for practicing emergency service, patient transportation, GP visit, and out-patient treatment. All medical services are dedicated for foreigners, tourists and expatriates visiting or staying in Hungary.

SOS Hungary, as a service provider, has daily connection and agreement with all the medical providers and hospitals throughout Hungary.  Thanks to their nation-wide network, they provide a short response time for their clients. With the help of the 24 hours medical hot-line, doctor-in-charge and medical staff available, SOS can provide all of the  medical services on demand.

They are proud of their well-trained and skilled team, who can help solve all types of problems that may occur during your stay in Hungary. Their medical facilities not only meet international standards, but are also among the highest quality available in Hungary . SOS Hungary is the local partner of many Insurance Companies in Europe and overseas, as well as Autoclubs and Air-ambulance Companies.

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