Company Name: ADAC-Munich

Headquarters: Munich-Germany

Network Member Since: 1991


Other Countries Covered:





About ADAC-Munich


ADAC is the German  Automobile Club, with it’s 17 million members  Europe’s largest club and one of ARC Europe’s shareholders.

ADAC pioneered in the 1950’s the medical and travel assistance services in Germany and is now the absolute market leader in this field..
The ADAC AmbulanceService, the medical and travel assistance operational  unit was founded in 1973. It is now the keystone of ADAC’s medical assistance organisation.

In 1975 the first patient was repatriated from Athens to Munich in a ADAC-Learjet 24. The ADAC Ambulance Service has since transported 240,000 patients and has its own air ambulance fleet including the Dornier 328-300 Jet, the Learjet 35a and the King Air A 350.

ADAC runs its own flight operations including engineering and maintenance services through its Nuremberg-based subsidiary (since 1998). In addition, to carry out the ambulance flights, ADAC can rely on 300 physicians who have emergency and intensive care as well as aeromedical specialisations and on specially trained aeromedical dispatchers and medical flight attendant.

Today, the ADAC Ambulance Service Operators organise personal care to 47,000 patients and transport 16,000 patients per year. It operates its own air ambulance fleet equipped with the most up-to-date IC equipment. All this makes the ADAC Ambulance Service one of the leading European players in the world-wide patient repatriation business and a competence centre when it comes to the medical assistance in Germany and abroad.

46 ADAC physicians of various specialties clarify the medical side of cases. They receive the support of 65 paramedics and EMTs at ADAC headquarters and many partner physicians abroad.

ADAC founded its own non-profit air rescue subsidiary “ADAC-Luftrettung GmbH” in 1982. ADAC Luftrettung operates 44 helicopters from 33 helicopter bases equipped with state-of-the-art intensive care technology. The aircraft provide urgent medical rescue with operations strategically placed so that any location within the typical 50 km radius around the helicopter base can be reached within 15 minutes.

ADAC is the medical assistance specialist for Germany and has excellent knowledge on most of the German hospitals.

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