Company Name: Fidelitas Assistance

Headquarters: Sofia-Bulgaria

Network Member Since: 2005


Other Countries Covered:





About Fidelitas Assistance


The Company was established in 1990 with the main activities of providing Insurance Services and assisting Insurance Agencies.

Having 20 years of experience in the market, Fidelitas Assistance Ltd is well  known and respected by hospitals, medical centers, doctors and other providers in most of the towns and resorts in the country, as well as by many assistance and insurance companies in Europe and all over the world.


The Company’s Alarm Center operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and handles more than 6000 cases each year. Medical cases make up 85% of the total.


The staff of the Company consists of twenty people. All of them have a University education and a good knowledge of English, Russian, French and some other languages. They all are well experienced specialists in the field of insurance assistance with excellent communication skills and team spirit.


In the medical assistance realm, the Company provides medical services to its clients all over the country, obtains medical reports and pays medical costs on behalf of the insurance companies. Concerning hospital treatment, we can confidently say that we have excellent contacts with the largest hospitals in all regions of the country. They are very well equipped with modern facilities and are staffed with highly skilled and experienced specialists.


Thanks to their extensive experience and knowledge of the local and international travel insurance market, they are able to provide your clients with high quality support in the full range of assistance services.



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