Company Name: Global Assistance and Healthcare

Headquarters: Jakarta-Indonesia

Network Member Since: 2005


Other Countries Covered:

Indonesia, Philippines




About Global Assistance and Healthcare


Global Assistance & Healthcare is an independent assistance company based in Jakarta, Indonesia since 1998, with a sister company duly registered under the law of the republic of Singapore.

Global Assistance & Healthcare is fully insured for malpractice and general liability worldwide. Since the independence, they have been rendering assistance services to the clients of several other assistance companies, travel insurers and Health insurers.


The Alarm Center for Assistance cases is available 7/ 24
Global Assistance & Healthcare handles assistance cases  with an experienced staff of operations coordinators, nurses and doctors. They are fully equipped with their own medical equipment and are able to outsource some specialists (cardiologists, ICU specialists, anesthetists, etc…) according to the needs of the patient.


"Our remarkable knowledge of Indonesia, the Philippines and Singapore as our strong provider network allow us to manage successfully any situation, even in the most remote area."

Member of the National Safety Council (USA)
UKOOA Certified
OSHA Certified



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