Company Name: AMA

Headquarters: Gurgaon-India

Network Member Since: 2006


Other Countries Covered:

Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka




About AMA


Dr Kalyan S Sachdev, the chairman of  the Privat Healthcare Group stated the following vision when creating AMA :
“To provide all encompassing levels of assistance for health, safety and well being for all and anybody in distress, with quality and ethics wherever and whenever needed".


AMA assistance is an independent Assistance company that has a pan-Asian presence with a base of 5 alarm centres currently under its administration. With extensive knowledge and quality service delivery the AMA team strives to remain innovative above all.


Part of the Privat Healthcare Group, AMA has a solid background and foundation, be it on the financial front, medical front or logistical front. Also engaged in the GMS sector, AMA currently operates 25 B2B clinics and has gained expertise in managing them.


Also integrated with its own Air Ambulances under the brand of Prime Air Ambulance, AMA strives to be a natural leader in the Asian Assistance domain. 


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