Company Name: APRIL Assistance (Thailand) Co.,Ltd

Headquarters: Bangkok-Thailand

Network Member Since: 2004


Other Countries Covered:

Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam




About APRIL Assistance (Thailand) Co.,Ltd


Established in 2004, the team of APRIL Assistance (Thailand) comprises medical professionals and experienced operations personnel who have been in the assistance industry for a significant number of years.
Their highly trained and dedicated team understands the needs of your valued clients.

APRIL Assistance (Thailand) is the universal assistance provider in the region. It is their vision to create a long-lasting relationship with all of their clients :" We believe that this can only be done when we offer our best service level at an equitable price, so that all stand to benefit."

APRIL Assistance (Thailand) has the full capacity to provide assistance services without any interruption. The management is streamlining their network of 24-hr offices and agents throughout this part of Asia, while the same operational and medical crew is working round the clock seven days a week to make sure that the operations run smoothly.

Supported by a specially selected network of agents and providers, APRIL Assistance (Thailand) is the preferred assistance provider in the region.
Because of their good working relationship with their clients in Europe, America and Africa, they are also in a unique position to offer the same high level of assistance services to your valued clients in Asia traveling abroad.


"We believe in reciprocity, in which all will benefit from a fruitful relationship.
In our service delivery, we have a philosophy of treating those needing assistance as if they are our loved ones within the framework and conditions laid out by our insurance and assistance clients."

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