Company Name: Mideast Assistance

Headquarters: Dbayeh-Lebanon

Network Member Since: 2005


Other Countries Covered:

Jordan, Syrian Arab Republic




About Mideast Assistance


MidEast Assistance International s.a.l. is a Lebanon-based company with the mission to provide “efficient, round-the-clock assistance to businesses and individuals around the globe”.

Since 2001, it has strived to offer travelers around the world best-in-class assistance services through strategic alliances with global leading assistance and insurance organizations.

MidEast Assistance International relies on a wide network of health care and assistance providers to deliver the highest service quality and to respond to travelers’ needs in a timely and efficient way. Our network of service and care providers includes:
• Highly qualified physicians and other medical experts such as physiotherapists, dentists, nurses etc
• Highly qualified legal consultants
• Leading hospitals and medical laboratories
• Emergency transportation service providers, both road and air


Together with our global partners, we provide our clients with a wide range of medical and travel-related assistance services to make their trip as enjoyable as possible.


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