Company Name: AP Companies

Headquarters: Moscow-Russia

Network Member Since: 2010


Other Countries Covered:

Belarus, Moldova, Mongolia, Russian Federation, Ukraine, Uzbekistan




About AP Companies


AP Companies, based in Moscow (Russia) and Odessa (Ukraine), operates 24/7 ensuring prompt and effective customer service operations through its wide regional network of 12000 providers and suppliers, to satisfy any kind of health protection, security or insurance need.


We do our best and a bit more to guarantee top quality, competitively priced service, maintaining higher standards of performance and customer satisfaction throughout the world, with a particular focus on Russia, CIS and Eastern Europe.


Our extensive knowledge of the assistance sector, comprehensive range of products, early adoption of new technologies and innovative systems, as well as strong business relationships with our partners - over 100 Russian and 200 international insurance and assistance companies – adds much to our capability to genuinely manage the entire end-to-end process to fully meet clients’ expectations.


Our daily experience in handling emergencies has taught us to face all kinds of situations with maximum flexibility, and with a committed and experienced staff always on hand to respond to our customers’ needs quickly, effectively and professionally.


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