Company Name: Emergency Assistance Japan

Headquarters: Tokyo-Japan

Network Member Since: 2008


Other Countries Covered:





About Emergency Assistance Japan


Founded in 2003, Emergency Assistance Japan (EAJ) is a full service assistance company headquartered in Tokyo. They specialize in medical assistance and pride themselves on speed, accuracy, and quality of service.

EAJ is the first indigenous Japanese company to take the concept of assistance as it is practiced in Europe and apply it to the special needs and requirements of the Japanese market. As continuous improvement is part of their cultural fabric, they are evolving the Japanese approach to assistance day to day.

EAJ specializes in solutions for overseas travellers caught in sudden and unexpected circumstances.
EAJ’s expertise is in the handling of situations requiring emergency medical services. Under the direction of top Japanese physicians in the field of emergency medicine, they organize and execute emergency medical rescues and medical transports for your clients.

As well as preferential arrangements with premier Japanese medical institutions, EAJ maintains a strong network of relationships with medical providers and some of the oldest and most reputable assistance companies.

In a world that is becoming ever more interdependent, international travel—whether for business or leisure—is on the rise. And with it, the demand for emergency support services delivering peace of mind is also increasing. At EAJ, the mission is to serve this growing demand.

EAJ is committed to deliver of peace of mind through continuous attention to quality of service

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