Company Name: Covermore Assistance Online

Headquarters: Shangai-China

Network Member Since: 2008


Other Countries Covered:

Hong Kong, Mongolia, Taiwan




About Covermore Assistance Online


In 2005, Covermore Assistance Online launched its 24 hours regional assistance call center in Shanghai, China and established its company in 2006 in Hong Kong.

With a large network of providers in China, Hong Kong and Mongolia, the Covermore Assistance Online Group offers not only a wider assistance services to worldwide clients but also assist local insurance companies, corporate and individuals by providing immediate and professional support in their time of need.

Covermore Assistance Online offers a team of professional operations staff who can serve your clients in major international languages such English, French, Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese as well as some local Chinese dialects.

The staff can handle all sorts of situations, ranging from the more simple case of answering a phone call for medical referral, to the most complex emergency medical evacuations from the most remote areas. They work hand in hand with the in-house medical personnel and have an in-depth knowledge of the logistics involved in any evacuation case.

The medical personnel, assistance advisors and operations staff regularly review open cases, monitor the development of cases, and update the patient's family. The in-house medical personnel will advice and provide reports and recommendation to customers.


Covermore  Assistance Online is always about a balance between medical care and customer service :”Every patient is important to us and we will always provide them with the best possible medical care and personalized customer service. After all, there is nothing more important in life than our health and well-being.”


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