Company Name: Najda Assistance ( Medic Multi Services Group)

Headquarters: Sousse Sahloul-Tunisia

Network Member Since: 2004


Other Countries Covered:





About Najda Assistance ( Medic Multi Services Group)


Since 1994, Najda Assistancehas been providing expert services in the field of medical assistance, in synergy with their network of local as well as international partners, including assistance companies, hospitals, clinics, physicians, hotels, air companies, sea transportation companies.


They provide a wide range of services which facilitate the necessary transactions and serve the needs of their partners and customers, providing professional care, highly trained staff, and a state of the art intensive health care technology assistance services.


In addition, Najda Assistance delivers the best assistance solutions, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, throughout the year, to support your customers under any circumstances, including the most critical ones.
Najda Assistance was established in Tunisia and is considered as a leader locally, yet their services are also geared towards the international market, as they extend into their neighboring countries.

Najda Assistance operates according to a global and integrated approach, providing a wide range of medical services and travel related services.

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