Company Name: Assistance Plus

Headquarters: Antananarivo-Madagascar

Network Member Since: 2010


Other Countries Covered:





About Assistance Plus


Created in 1996 by Mr Patrick Cejudo, Assistance + is the recognized and inescapable actor of sanitary evacuations and medical assistance in Madagascar.
Their key point: an assistance service and a medical emergency department.


The emergency medical teams have all the necessary means and materials to assure the best care
towards patients everywhere in Madagascar, 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week :
• Helicopters, aircrafts, ambulances, vehicles, all equipped for emergency rescues.
• A technical and logistic team of 28 persons, of which 3 general practitioners trained in emergencies, 3 emergency physicians, 1 nurse and 1 nurse specialised in intensive care.


The logistic department is able to organize sanitary evacuations wherever the patient may be, at any condition.


Assistance+ intervenes for simple medical cases as well as for emergencies and, if necessary, organizes immediately the sanitary evacuation of the patient whatever his nationality may be.


Thanks to the performing material they have, Assistance + is autonomous and your most reliable partner in Madagascar.  The decision of a sanitary evacuation is taken by their medical director and Manager in Antananarivo, but always in agreement with the client.
"In this way we do answer in an optimal way, reaching the requirements of speed and ability to react towards every client."


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