Company Name: West African Rescue Association

Headquarters: Accra-Ghana

Network Member Since: 2009


Other Countries Covered:

Algeria, Benin, Equatorial Guinea, Ghana, Liberia, Mali, Mozambique, Niger, Sierra Leone, Togo




About West African Rescue Association


West African Rescue Association – Delivering First Class Emergency and Medical Assistance in the Third World Environment

In the seven years since its founding, the West African Rescue Association (WARA) has become the leading medical assistance provider for ground and air rescue, general emergency medical response and clinical services.   Currently they are the only ambulance service which is capable of ICU transportation and care.
The concept of WARA was founded with the goal of proving that one can operate a highly sophisticated emergency rescue  service in the developing world.  It was their solid hope that having such a service in a medically deprived environment would encourage a better understanding of  emergency care, boosting development in this area. 


Their 24 hour air rescue capabilities currently reach nine different West African countries which are less well-established medically and poorer in infrastructure, making for a higher patient risk. In these cases they utilise their dedicated medical teams and equipment to get patients into Accra for advanced medical care.  Their current aircraft capabilities can also provide wing to wing support to assist international repatriations when required.


WARA operates private clinical services both on and off shore in Ghana, supporting the growing international community which is accustomed to a high standard of services.  They also operate and run remote site clinics to support more remote operations in the region, including medical evaluation and feasibility studies required for set up, and the full development and running of such site clinics for our clients.  Due to the high standards their clinics have become the chosen clinics for many diplomatic missions, embassies and most major companies working and residing in the region.

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