Company Name: CONNEX Assistance-Egypt

Headquarters: Cairo-Egypt

Network Member Since: 2009


Other Countries Covered:





About CONNEX Assistance-Egypt


CONNEX Assistance Egypt was founded in Egypt in 1999, by Dr Helmi El Tahany, and has since then grown to become one of the leading assistance companies in the Middle East and North Africa. 


CONNEX Assistance Egypt provides full-service medical, technical, body repatriation, legal and cost containment assistance to insurance and assistance companies worldwide.  The Connex Assistance Group is synonymous with reliability, efficiency, and cost effectiveness since its inception. 


The CONNEX Assistance Group has offices in Egypt, UAE and extensively covers these territories in addition to Saudi Arabia, Libya, Somalia,Uganda and Eritrea. 


In 2009, CONNEX Assistance Egypt launched CONNEX Corporate Healthcare, a new division dedicated to the provision of international standards of corporate medical services to local and multinational companies in Egypt.


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