Company Name: Cameroun Assistance

Headquarters: Doula-Cameroon

Network Member Since: 2003


Other Countries Covered:

Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad, Equatorial Guinea




About Cameroun Assistance


Cameroun Assistance was founded in 1987. 


The alert centre is staffed with experienced medical operators, paramedics and doctors and  is 24/7 operational. Cameroun Assistance has a very wide local network of hospitals and has a very detailed database on their respective  areas for hospitals and all kind of medical facilities.


The staff of Cameroun Assistance is constantly trained and has gained a high level of experience on emergency and medical travel  assistance. Improvement and innovation are keywords in the organisation, which makes Cameroun Assistance the best partner in this region for your corporate and private customers.


Cameroun Assistance is certified  ISO:9001

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